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Articles. Below is a listing of articles on Pennsylvania cartography available on this website. A webpage with hyperlinks between text and pictures is a natural medium for articles dependent on illustration. Anyone wishing to contribute a note or article on Pennsylvania mapping can send an enquiry to the address on the home page. The article will be presented as a *.htm page on the website with the author's copyright.

05.05.07 Lubrication Ads on Old Road Maps

08.25.06 Cartobibliography of Pennsylvania Maps Prior to 1800

08.30.04 An Overview of Pennsylvania Mapping Circa 1850 to 1900

02.10.04 Placing Pennsylvania on the Map: The Seventeenth Century

01.20.04 The Pennsylvania Cartographic Record of Architecture and Town Planning

12.01.03 Placing Pennsylvania on the Map: The First Steps

Exhibitions. Following is a list of map exhibitions available on this website. Hyperlinks between text and pictures recreate the distinction between object and description. The emphasis is on Pennsylvania cartography and some of the maps used appear elsewhere on this website. .

09.28.12 A Close Look at Historical Maps of Pennsylvania

01.20.11 Pennsylvania in Early Pocket Maps

04.07.09 Pennsylvania in Old Road Atlases

01.05.09 Pennsylvania in Old Geography Books

09.16.05 The Early Gulf Road Maps of Pennsylvania

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